Updating the invoice data

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This tutorial presents the actions required to change the data of an unpaid proforma invoice
by Mark DohiViews 984Published 12/04/2022


This article describes how to update the current data on unpaid proforma invoices.


Hostico customer account

Unpaid proforma invoice


Modificarea facturilor proforme neachitate se poate face doar dacă utlizatorul este autentificat în contul de client Hostico.

After logging in to the account, go to the Financial section.
All invoices found in the account will be displayed in the open page. Go to the proforma invoice to which you want to change the data, and click on the proforma code (eg: 158525)
Unpaid invoices
The open window will show the proforma invoice in question. Go to the right side of the Change Billing Data section

A window will open showing the current proforma data. Depending on the desired change, the present fields will be filled in.

Once you have made sure that the data is entered correctly, the changes will be saved with the Save button


Please make sure that the data entered on the proforma is correct and in accordance with reality. Hostico assumes no liability if the fiscal invoice was issued incorrectly due to incorrect information.
Modifying the data of a proforma does not implicitly mean issuing the fiscal invoice on those data. You need to make sure that the payment is made on behalf of the company listed on the proforma. For the two current payment methods, this means:
1. Bank Transfer - The name and Identification code of the company must be specified in the payer section or in the footer of the payer's details
2. Credit Card - For this method of payment, the payer cannot be directly identified, and the fiscal invoice will be issued directly on the data found in the proforma.
If the data on the proforma does not match, the tax invoice will be issued according to the payer and not the data on the proforma
In case of omission of the required fields (name, surname, address, etc.) the proforma invoice data will not be modified in this regard, and a warning message will be displayed.
Modification of invoices can be performed multiple times, if in the first instance the data was entered incorrectly.
Not all fields are required. In the case of natural persons, the name of the company and the number of the Trade Register must not be completed
If the data entered is not sufficient to identify the payer, the invoice will automatically be changed back to the Hostico customer account data.
For the situations in which there is a .ro domain registration on the modified proforma, the domain owner at the ROTLD register will be transferred according to the proforma invoice. If you only want the invoice for that data, and the domain for other data, you will need to contact the sales department to determine this.

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