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In this tutorial you will learn how to place an upgrade order for an existing hosting from your Hostico customer account.
by Mihai BobriucViews 1193Updated now 1 yearPublished 19/05/2018


In this tutorial we will go through the steps required to place an upgrade order on a hosting.



  • After logging into the Hostico customer account, you will go to the Services section.
  • The opened window will show all types of services owned. Click on the service to which you want to place the upgrade order

A series of actions will be displayed on the right side. We access the option Upgrade:

All the upgrade options are present on the displayed page along with the rate plans based on the due date of the service.
Click on the desired configuration upgrade/downgrade.

  • After selecting the new configuration type, click on UPGRADE.
  • The last step before completing the order is to check the upgrade cost and choose the payment method. After ensuring that the package chosen is the desired one, the process will be completed by accessing UPGRADE.



  • The upgrade cost is calculated according to the remaining unused days of the current package and the charging of the new package for the same period. Thus, you only pay the difference for the additional service chosen during the remaining active period.
  • In the case of services moving from a hosting plan without dedicated IP to one with IP (eg: moving from Start to Business), the IP allocation period will be mutually agreed upon, but the recommendation is that it perform during the night to avoid possible fluctuations in operation that may accompany the process.
  • In the case of migration from a Start or Business package to a Reseller/VPS package, the migration period will be established by mutual agreement, but the recommendation is that it be carried out during the night, the flow of activity being less at night.
  • For downgrade orders, it is recommended to contact online support or send a notification to, as a number of factors must be analyzed before making the switch.

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