Invoice verification.

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This tutorial shows how to check existing invoices in the customer account.
by Mihai BobriucViews 1015Updated now 1 yearPublished 08/07/2017


This tutorial shows how to check existing invoices in the customer account.


  • existing Hostico customer account


  • After logging into the customer account you will go to the Financial section
  • On the next page, the existing invoices in the customer account and their status will be displayed.

The information displayed in the adjacent image represents:

  • (1) Invoice - the proforma/tax invoice number;
  • (2) Total - the outstanding/paid amount expressed in euros;
  • (3) Date of issue - represents the date on which the proforma was issued by the system (note - proformas are automatically issued by the system 2 weeks before the due date) for the service to be extended (for hosting) and renewed (for domain);
  • (4) Status - shows the status of the invoice - Paid, Unpaid or Cancelled;
  • (5) Download - offers the possibility of downloading the invoice locally.

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